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Accelerate Mission-Driven

A mission-driven unicorn is a company that can solve big problems such as quality healthcare, wealth inequality or climate change for 1 Billion people.

A History of Success

Break the Wheel was founded and is operated by serial entrepreneurs and operators that have built, sold and taken public more than 20 companies.


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Join 3 million + that invest in the future of healthcare, equal rights, education, the environment, climate change and more.

What makes Break the Wheel unique

Our OKRs are impact and investor ROI. With these as our guiding principles we can look at companies that VC would avoid - and structure terms other investors and crowdfunding portals can't.

Highly Selective

Our focus is the outcome. Failed companies can’t impact healthcare or climate change and failed investments lose your trust. We do more than just a market SWOT, we spend time with founders to see how they execute, and manage people and money.

Operational Muscle

We assembled a team of seasoned operators with diverse experiences, networks and backgrounds - as well as tactical teams to fill critical gaps on product, marketing, advertising and sales. We leverage our experts and portal to drive escape velocity scale.

Impact x ROI

Impact for people, ROI for Investors. By having equal weighted OKRs (objectives and key results) our investment thesis changes from companies that need $500 million to scale to women, black, hispanic or vet owned companies that can generate $500 million in revenue with our growth operations support.

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Our why

A message from our founder and CEO

Over 20 years ago, I almost lost my mother due to a missed diagnosis of colon cancer. In the last 5 years, my sister found a sign of breast cancer missed just weeks prior in an exam and I went through a year of specialist appointments with no resolution. One of my cofounders and partners had her entire department closed down when the department head was found guilty of sexual harassment and let go - with a payout and confidentiality agreement that let him continue his toxic behavior elsewhere.

I started working on solving the healthcare problem in 2017 and quickly realized that the system was beyond broken and slow, with no aligned interests between insurance carriers, companies and healthcare systems. I started digging into sexual harassment in the workplace in 2018 and found that companies are not interested in a true objective of stopping this toxic behavior, but rather just quietly getting rid of the bad actors in their company.

I grew tired of watching us get bullied into bad healthcare, toxic work environments, a planet on the verge of environmental collapse - as well as other issues. I decided it was time to build a platform that gave us—the people—the small business owner—the tools we needed to impact change in the workplace, in the environment, and more.

Break the Wheel was formed with one purpose, to ensure what is in the best interest of the people succeeds. We source, vet and accelerate mission-driven unicorns - for profit companies that can positively impact 1 billion lives in areas from healthcare to climate, and education to human rights.

Founder And CEO

David Feinberg Calabrese