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Why Break the Wheel was Created

Break the Wheel was created to fight for those that can’t fight for themselves. To Break the Wheels that keep rolling over all of us from horrible healthcare to corrupt politicians, corporations ruining our planet to unequal education and financial systems.

It all started for me in 2016. In just 1 year I went through a year of specialist appointments with no resolution - only to discover (on my own) that my issue was food allergy related. One of our advisors had her entire department closed down when the department head was found guilty of sexual harassment and let go - with a payout and confidentiality agreement that let him continue his toxic behavior elsewhere… and the Political discord had fundamentally changed - with people angrier than ever but all arguing with different facts. A corrupt President changed how we felt about seeing the American flag - and each other as Americans.

I started working on solving the healthcare problem in 2017 and quickly realized that the system was beyond broken and slow, with no aligned interests between insurance carriers, companies and healthcare systems. I started digging into sexual harassment in the workplace in 2018 and found that companies are not interested in stopping this toxic behavior, but rather just quietly getting rid of everyone associated.

I grew tired and became beyond frustrated… and finally said to myself “If not me who, if not now when” to the endless injustices that come at the hands of corrupt, horrible, greedy human beings.

…and so Break the Wheel was formed!


David Feinberg Calabrese


Our Leadership

Break The Wheel was founded and is operated by serial entrepreneurs and operators that have built, scaled, sold and taken public 14 companies.


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These are a few of the organizations our founders invested in or worked with or for as founders, employees or consultants. These companies are not investors in or partners of Break The Wheel.


We Are

Founded by people that come from all nationalities and genders. Focused on creating a more equal world and life 1 human at a time. Devoted to creating the world we want - we need.


We Will

Always do what's in the best interest of we, the people. Always stand up for those that can't stand up for themselves. Fight until we've given our last full measure of devotion.


We Believe

We all deserve a fair shot - the ability to run an even race. The best people are often those that had to fight for everything, or had someone sacrifice for our chance at a brighter future.