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Break the Wheel was Started Because...

It all started for me in 2016. In just 1 year I went through a year of specialist appointments with no resolution - only to discover (on my own) that my issue was food allergy related. One of our advisors had her entire department closed down when the department head was found guilty of sexual harassment and let go - with a payout and confidentiality agreement that let him continue his toxic behavior elsewhere. And the Political discord had fundamentally changed - with people angrier than ever but all arguing with different facts.

I started working on solving the healthcare problem in 2017 and quickly realized that the system was beyond broken and slow, with no aligned interests between insurance carriers, companies and healthcare systems. I started digging into sexual harassment in the workplace in 2018 and found that companies are not interested in a true objective of stopping this toxic behavior, but rather just quietly getting rid of the bad actors in their company.

I grew tired of watching us get bullied into bad healthcare, toxic work environments, a planet on the verge of environmental collapse - as well as other issues. I decided it was time to build a platform that gave us -the people - the small business owner - the tools we needed to impact change in the workplace, in the environment, and more.

Break the Wheel was formed with one purpose, to ensure what is in the best interest of the people succeeds. We source, vet and accelerate mission-driven unicorns - for profit companies that can positively impact 1 billion lives in areas from healthcare to climate, and education to human rights.


David Feinberg Calabrese

A Few of the Break the Wheel Projects

Below is a small sample of the Break the Wheel projects.



For Hirers A fast, reliable way to know if candidates can deliver amazing work, are reliable, a cultural fit, have that xFactor, and can deliver that extra 10%.

For Talent An even shot. Show off what you can do and who you are to win jobs with great local businesses, fast growing startups and the biggest brands.



Trillions is providing the same investing strategy, insights and signals that deliver annual returns > 50% for the top global funds.

Over the last year...
• 8 Signals x Week
• 78% Win Rate
• 17.5% Profit per Signal



The Baseline is the future of personal health - providing a checklist to identify and eliminate the risk of diabetes, heart disease, hypertension (high blood pressure), and more - all for $1 per month.

• Personal checklist to identify risk
• Access to labs to identify risk
• Personal checklist to eliminate risk

Our Commitment

Our commitment is and will always be to the combination of impact, returns, transparency and equal opportunity.


Real World Outcomes

We are committed to delivering real world outcomes for our health, the planet and equal opportunity and wealth.


Customer First

For you - the cofounding customers and supporters - our commitment is that you share in the upside. For every referred user and $ spent you earn profits + a bonus in an exit or IPO.


Transparency & Input

Full transparency on everything we do and spend money on. We provide weekly reports and you can join and provide input during our product and planning calls.


Cap Table Equality

From how we hire to who we raise capital from our commitment is to Cap Table equality - with a 50% target for people from diverse income, gender and ethnic backgrounds.

Our Track Record

Break The Wheel was founded and is operated by serial entrepreneurs and operators that have built, scaled, sold and taken public 14 companies.

City of Philadelphia

These are a few of the organizations our founders invested in or worked with or for as founders, employees or consultants. These companies are not investors in or partners of Break The Wheel.


customers acquired


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Own a Piece of Wheel Breaking Innovations in Healthcare, Investing, HR, Banking, Education...

@ Break the Wheel we believe there's nothing more important than early supporters - and that all of us should be able to own a piece of the next $100 Billion company - so we created ways for you to own a piece of every innovation we launch and every company we accelerate or invest in.


Cofounding Customer

Just for being an early customer you get a share of quarterly profits + a bonus in an IPO.

How it Works...

Sign Up… We Handle the Rest…

  • Lock in cofounder customer discount for life
  • 1.5x the profit share for referrals
  • 1.5x the bonus in an Exit or IPO
  • First look to invest in Equity Crowdfunding Rounds

The IPO or Exit Bonus is based on the total revenue referred and from what you spend.


Cofounding Ambassador

You share (only what you love) - and we pay you for all 1st and 2nd degree referrals.

How it Works...

You share… We Handle the Rest…

  • We send your custom link to share and track referrals
  • Get 25% of sales from 1st degree referrals
  • Get 10% of sales from 2nd degree referrals
  • Bonus based on referred revenue

The IPO or Exit Bonus is based on the total revenue referred and from what you spend.


Angel & Growth Investor

Under the Jobs Act anyone can invest in US tech companies. (Including International investors). Invest early to own a piece of the next $100 billion company.

How it Works...

Sign Up…

  • 1st look at each funding campaign
  • Invest in each funding round
  • Share and influence the value of your investment

Join today to - get 1st look at each of our incubations and investments - lock in Cofounding Customer profit shares and discounts - create your ambassador code - get 1st access to crowdfunding campaigns.