Delivering streams of growing dividends

Mission - Impact - ESG - these should not be synonymous with non-profit. Our Venture Philanthropy program delivers growing dividends from projects we source, launch and grow together.


What we do Differently

Impact to us means social and financial. Our OKRs are Speed to Impact and Investor ROI. We focus on the inevitable - paradigm shifts. We surround big problems with experts, then validate, launch and blitzscale solutions by investing our team and capital.


Outcomes Northstar

Everything we do is focused on the desired outcome. Speed to Impact and Investor ROI are our OKRs. To achieve these OKRs we apply a SaaS lens to investing knowing that the most immediately impactful and scalable solutions are those that provide value from user 1 to user N.


PSF Validation

We never guess. Our 3 step process validates market timing for paradigm shifts and our ability to force that timing. (1st) we filter solutions via our councils, (2nd) we validate solutions by mirroring live product customer acquisition programs, (3rd) we execute (now), pause (later), kill (never).


Operational Investing

We invest people (and capital) on a performance basis. We invest our team of serial operators with diverse backgrounds and networks to fill gaps in product, marketing, sales, BI, customer success, and engineering. We invest our experts, network and capital to drive escape velocity growth.


These are a few of the companies our founders invested in or worked with or for as employees or consultants. These companies are not investors or partners of Break the Wheel.

A History of Success

Break the Wheel was founded and is operated by serial entrepreneurs and operators that have built, sold and taken public more than 20 companies.


customers acquired


lifetime value


How it works

Our Venture Philanthropy program provides a lifetime stream of dividends to partners. No investment required, keep doing what you do today - partner with us to deliver ROI on projects we source, launch and grow together.

How we Partner

Partner with us around any one of our operational programs. Incubate, Accelerate, Crowdfund, Lifeline, Pipeline. Partnering means we work together to source, scale and save great companies or great IP with the potential to be great companies.

What we Look For

We are very selective in choosing partners as we provide agressive dividend and distributions to exponentially scale their efforts. We look for partners focused in 1 of our 3 pillars (Health, Planet, Wealth) with a shared mindset on solutions; keep it simple - make it work for 1 person - then scale it to hundreds of millions.


Get a piece of every deal that comes through our platform, regardless of whether you're involved. That includes profit sharing and distributions from acquisitions or IPOs. There are 3 tiers of terms for returns. Everything (S) Program Referrals (M) Cofound (XXL)