Report Card. New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand on Abortion

Senator Gillibrand has been consistently Pro Choice in her quotes and voting record.


“I voted against the 20-week abortion ban. This bill was nothing more than another attempt by Republicans in Congress to control women’s personal health care decisions.”  Tweet from Official Twitter Account, Jan 30, 2018

“To say that’s evil shows disregard for the ability of a woman to make that personal life-and-death decision about her own body,” New York Newsday on 2012 N. Y. Senate debate, Oct. 17, 2012

“I think there is a universal understanding among the legal community that Roe v. Wade was a very flawed legal decision. It’s a horrible decision from a constitutional law standpoint, and even liberal law professors will tell you that. I believe that the issue of abortion should be left to the people to decide. The Constitution doesn’t mention the word abortion. And if Roe v. Wade were overturned tomorrow, nobody would even notice, because the states are legislating their own laws about abortion” Capital New York coverage of 2012 N.Y. Senate debate, Feb 24, 2012

“It is an outrage and a national security risk that the women in our military do not have the same basic protections for reproductive health care as women across the U.S. “This is a strong step forward towards putting an end to this egregious injustice and allowing our women in uniform to exercise their right to reproductive health care.”  Senate Speech. May 24, 2012

“We must put an end to this egregious injustice and allow our women in uniform to exercise their right to reproductive health care.”  Press Release, Jun 6, 2011

“I will always protect a woman’s right to choose – no matter what.” Press Release, Jan. 1, 2011

“A lack of access to full reproductive health care puts the lives of women and girls at grave risk. This anti-choice measure poses greater restriction on low-income women and those who are more likely to receive some kind of subsidy and less likely to be able to afford a supplemental insurance policy. Denying low-income women reproductive coverage in this way is discriminatory and dangerous. Without proper coverage, women will be forced to postpone care,  while attempting to find the money they need to pay for it. Or these women will be forced to return to dangerous, back alley providers. Women and girls deserve better.” Press Release, Nov. 16, 2009

“We can never let up in our efforts to ensure all women have access to the family planning resources and education they need. NARAL is on the frontline, fighting tirelessly to protect women’s right to choose, and I am committed to working to ensure all women and their families have access to the resources they need to make healthcare decisions that are right for them.” Press Release April 22, 2009


Voted NO on restricting United Nations funding for population control policies such as the China One Child Policy.

SIGNED Prevention First Act. A bill that focuses on preventing pregnancy and provides for emergency contraception.

SIGNED Access to Birth Control Act which requires pharmacies to fulfill contraceptive prescriptions.

SPONSORED a bill allowing military abortions in cases of rape.

Voted YES on expanding research to more embryonic stem cell lines.

CO-SPONSORED The Women’s Health Protection Act. A bill that bans anti-abortion limitations on abortion services.

CO-SPONSORED A bill that gives access to safe, legal abortion without restrictions.

SIGNED A bill providing emergency contraception at all military health facilities.

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