Raise Money + Gain Users

Raise money and get your next 1,000 to 1 million users. We built an army of investor - advocates turning shareholders into megaphones. Crowdfunding with us is faster than raising through VC, builds adoption at zero cost and you get an unmatched growth ops support team in your corner.


What we do Differently

Impact to us means social and financial. Our OKRs are Speed to Impact and Investor ROI. We focus on the inevitable - paradigm shifts. We surround big problems with experts, then validate, launch and blitzscale solutions by investing our team and capital.


Outcomes Northstar

Everything we do is focused on the desired outcome. Speed to Impact and Investor ROI are our OKRs. To achieve these OKRs we apply a SaaS lens to investing knowing that the most immediately impactful and scalable solutions are those that provide value from user 1 to user N.


PSF Validation

We never guess. Our 3 step process validates market timing for paradigm shifts and our ability to force that timing. (1st) we filter solutions via our councils, (2nd) we validate solutions by mirroring live product customer acquisition programs, (3rd) we execute (now), pause (later), kill (never).


Operational Investing

We invest people (and capital) on a performance basis. We invest our team of serial operators with diverse backgrounds and networks to fill gaps in product, marketing, sales, BI, customer success, and engineering. We invest our experts, network and capital to drive escape velocity growth.


These are a few of the companies our founders invested in or worked with or for as employees or consultants. These companies are not investors or partners of Break the Wheel.

A History of Success

Break the Wheel was founded and is operated by serial entrepreneurs and operators that have built, sold and taken public more than 20 companies.


customers acquired


lifetime value


How it works for investors



Get Approved

Applying for an account takes 1 minute. Under the new Jobs Act anyone can invest up to $2,200 per year in companies they believe in. This account set up process is to make sure we have you set up for proper investment tracking and payout for liquidity events or dividends.


Analyze & Invest

Review investment opportunity documents. Jump on sector and company analysis calls. Join private social groups or calls for information on company OKRs. Ask questions of each company (we track the responses as part of our ongoing due diligence).



Influence ROI

Where else can you invest in a company you believe in, then influence their success? Share the company products with family, colleagues, friends and your social networks to accelerate user adoption, revenue and the value of your investment.


How it works for companies

Investment Types

Under the Equity Crowdfunding regulations you can now raise capital with a range of terms from nonaccredited investors.

Convertible Note

Raise money through a convertible note. A convertible note is a debt instrument that converts at your next "qualified financing".


Raise money through debt. If you have solid sales or great margins this is a great option. Repayment and conversion terms are on a case by case basis. The terms can also include a convert to equity trigger.


Raise money through a subscription agreement. Terms for the valuation are set on a case by case basis. We can also help define ideal minimum investments and perks.


Raise money via a Presale campaign. This is exactly the same as what you'd do on Indiegogo, except we handle the marketing and customer acquisition for you.

Profit Sharing

Raise money through a profit share. It's like a dividend that you guarantee to investors at certain sales and profit margin thresholds. The terms can include a convert to equity trigger.

Crowdfunding Options

Crowdfunding Process

Apply or Reply

You apply or we reach out if we love your business. If you want to apply jump down to the apply button below and it will take you through a quick application so that we can learn more about your business and capital needs.

Operational Dating

We operationally date while we validate the market demand, risks and opportunity. We want to understand how you operate. If things go well - we move forward, if not we part ways.

Set Terms

We set the terms together to maximize the speed and success of the fundraising campaign. If you have previous investment terms we ensure that any new terms are acceptable to existing shareholders.

Docs & Filings

We work with you to prepare any financial documentation or filings required.


We help you through launch and campaign marketing. You can help - of course - but that's where our growth operations expertise shines - identifying millions of prospective customers that are also likely investors.

Escape Velocity

Once you are part of the family (portfolio) you have access to our growth ops team and advisors to help you scale your business at escape velocity speed.

Partner with us

Incubators, Accelerators, Innovation Programs, Investors, Mission Driven Orgs, Universities… Our Crowdfunding Program offers your portfolio companies an opportunity to raise capital and acquire the next 1,000 to 1 million customers - and you an opportunity for an additional share in the upside. If you have portfolio companies that could benefit from Crowdfunding reach out and let’s talk about how we can work together.